We have compiled several online resources to help you obtain a deeper understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease, regional or national activities and opportunities to connect with others.See disclaimer below.


Alzheimer’s Dementia: Diagnosis And Treatment

Federal Medline Start Page on Alzheimer’s

An introduction and hub to many other links for further details

Alzheimer’s Disease Education & Referral Center

The latest from the National Institute on Aging

Alzheimer’s Association

National website’s homepage

National Cell Repository for Alzheimer’s Disease

For researchers and others concerned with the latest studies of genetic factors in Alzheimer’s

Other Types Of Dementia

The American Parkinson Disease Association, Inc.
Lewy Body Dementia Association

A progressive brain disease and the second leading cause of degenerative dementia in the elderly, Lewy Body Dementia also affects most Parkinson’s Disease patients.

Vascular Dementia

Changes in the brain stemming from changes in blood vessels during aging; information from the University of California at San Francisco’s Memory and Aging Center, which also researches Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Association for Frontotemporal Dementias

Information about a variety dementias affecting frontal and temporal brain lobes including Pick’s Disease, which can affect behavior of people as early as their 20’s.

Huntington’s Disease Society of America
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Dementia

National Instutute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease info page

Caregiver Issues


On-line magazine for caregivers involved with any disease or health setback


Tips and tools for caregivers and professional staffs

Medical Resources

Harrington Memorial Hospital (Southbridge, MA)
Milford Regional Medical Center (Milford, MA)
Tri-Valley, Inc.

Serving people over 60 and younger people with disabilities in a 25 towns in South Central Massachusetts

If you don’t find what you are looking for, or if you have suggestions for helpful resources, you may always contact us directly at:

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or contact ASN’s Resource Identification Assistance, offered in collaboration with Tri-Valley Inc.

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Disclaimer: While we have found the listed websites to be generally reliable, The Alzheimer’s Support Network of South Central Massachusetts does not warrant the accuracy of statements or the reliability of products offered on those sites. Questions about programs or information they describe should be directed to the owners of those websites.