Thank you to our Members!

We would like to thank our members! With your contributions, we are able to benefit the lives of people in our community who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. You are making a real difference. Thank you for your continued generosity:

Diamond Members

Barbara Fitzgerald
Jane Rondeau (board member)
Joan Butterfield
Oxford’s Lions Club
The Hanover Insurance Group
Dexter-Russell, Inc (Schwab Charitable Grant)

Gold Members

Francis and Barbara Andreano
Gerry Blunt
John Callahan

Judi Dery
Darlene Heywosz

Joseph Jakubiak
Roger Lamontagne
Madeline Nawrocki

Douglas and Gail Porter
Sturbridge Lions Club
United Way of Mass
United Way of Mass Bay and Merrimack Valley


Silver Members

Alison Andreano
Cathy & William Cody
Michael Colecchi
Paul and Marilyn Cyr
Susan Gauvin
Edward Giroux
Patricia Haddock
Judy Joy
Felix Kempinski
Gina Metras (board member)
Debra Parent-Frazier (board member)
Linda Peltier
Richard and Karen Piehl
Thomas & Roberta Riedl
Sitkowski, Malboef & Hickey 

Chrysanthemum Members

Norma Bradley
Nancy Burbank
Dolores Desrosiers
Margeret Goudreau
Christine Hodgkins
Eleanor Kus
Tina Mead (board member)
Madeline Nowrocki
Carolyn Racicot
Judith Todd
Carla Tucker
Barbara Wozniak
Frank S.P. Yacino
Robert Zacek
Scanlon Funeral Service, Inc

ASN Supporter

Joann M Colecchi
Michael A. Colecchi
Sherry Jovan
Pat Murphy
Shirley Pelletier
Barbara Sloper
Paul and Norma Richard
Albert Salonis