Joining Alzheimer’s Support Network of South Central Massachusetts is recognition of the value of the lives of local people who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Along with your very modest annual dues that come to our volunteer organization, you tie in to a support system that is both practical and reassuring. Your membership provides a lift to all of us. People with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia benefit from programs for care and advocacy on their behalf. They are also winners when caregiver support allows members to refresh themselves, attend to other areas of their lives and gain knowledge valuable in approaching the Alzheimer’s experience.

Your annual contribution provides seed money for our programs, which are also supported by grants and tax-deductible donations, including memorials. But the enrichment of what can be a challenging time of life is the ultimate benefit for you, your family and your neighbors’ families in South Central Massachusetts.

To join the Alzheimer’s Support Network, please print and complete the Membership Form and mail it to us along with a check. Please make your membership check payable to: Alzheimer’s Support Network.

We also have a Respite Services program for clients and caregivers. Respite services provide a temporary relief for the family caregiver from the duties associated with day-to-day care of the person with dementia. For more information, visit the Respite Services page. Registration can be made online at the link below or by downloading the registration form.



Mail completed form and membership dues to:
Alzheimer’s Support Network
P.O. Box 839
Southbridge, MA 01550

The Alzheimer’s Support Network of South Central Massachusetts Inc. is a nonprofit community service organization under the IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). ASN is able to receive contributions and donations under its tax-exempt status.